Branding & Creative Direction
Monson Made This
One of my favorite things about being an artist is getting to work with friends to help them realize their passion projects. As the Monson Made This brand & YouTube channel have continued to grow, I’ve been fortunate enough to assist with the creative direction over the past couple of years, and I’ve enjoyed having my little part in a movement that is much bigger than myself.
Create a brand identity that feels organic and approachable, both for vegans, and the general public who may have been previously off put by the vegan movement.
Food Photography by Ben Seider & Michael Monson.

Designed 2019
Vegan food
for everyone.
Milestones are thrilling for everyone involved, and anyone who’s tried to “make it” on social media knows that 10K followers is a big deal! We wanted to make this incredible milestone as exciting for all of Monson’s followers as it was for him, so we geared up to launch the rebrand at the same time he hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. We gave the entire page a facelift, complete with new thumbnails, video intro, and overlays.